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Intern Blog: Back to School Probz

Back To School Probz
1. What to wear on the first day.
2. Being in the wrong class.
3. Having a teacher you can’t understand.
4. What to do between classes.
5. How much books cost.
6. Trying to find your classes.
7. Awkwardly starting a conversation with someone you don’t know.
8. Trying to find a place to park.
9. Not being able to understand the map of your school.
10. Falling in the hallway in front of tons of people you don’t know.
11. Awkwardly walking into your class and seeing if you know anyone.
12. Debating if you should ask someone if you’re going the right way or not.
13. When your teacher tells you “Life’s a bitch and then you die.”
14. When your teacher tells you that if you receive an F on a paper you should take that as “F. F stands for flipping burgers. Because you failed.”
15. Which hot guy to sit next to in your classroom. 
16. Walking in late because you were lost and everyone stares at you.
17. What to bring to class.
18. Awkward ice breakers introducing yourself to the class.
19. How early to get to class.
20. When your stomach growls.
21. “Tell us a little about yourself.”
Fall 2013 Interns

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